Question Is there any way to reinstall the same firmware on a Samsung SA350 monitor?


Nov 4, 2015
I have a black screen with Samsung SA350 monitor and as many suggests i tried to update the firmware to see if this will fix it but sadly Samsung updater doesn't update it as monitor has already the latest firmware. Is there any way to install the same firmware anyway? Thank you.


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Aug 11, 2001
Can you link to this "as many suggests" information that leads you to believe that your monitor had its firmware corrupted so that installing the same again would make a difference?

Do you know of any event that would have been likely to cause firmware corruption?

If not, I suspect either the mainboard or power supply in it has failed. I would first look at the capacitors on the power supply board or power regulation section of the mainboard, may be vented as this is a common monitor fault.

Otherwise, no I don't know of a way to install the same firmware. You could research whether there's a hidden service menu accessed by holding down some button combination when it's powered on, but as mentioned above I doubt that will help, and if it's not displaying anything on the black screen, would be kind of hard to see the service menu, if there even is one. ;)
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