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Question Is there an Android app that is similar to both Google Hangouts and TextNow?


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Aug 12, 2014
Hello Guys,

I have two free texting & calling apps on my Android 7.1.1, Google Hangouts and TextNow.

Both allow me to have extra phone numbers with which I can make and receive both text messages and phone calls.

However, Hangouts allows me to have more than one account open at the same time thereby allowing me several phone numbers simultaneously.

Although TextNow allows me to have more than one account, it only allows me to be logged in to one account at a time.

Another difference, though, exists.

For each account, Hangouts requires a landline or cell number to which Hangouts links its number.

This makes anonymity difficult at best.

TextNow, however, only requires an email address for each account.

So, with that said, here is my question:

Is there a free texting & calling app for Android that allows multiple accounts to be open simultaneously like Hangouts but only requires an email address to which it links its numbers like TextNow?