Question Is there a video metadata player?


Junior Member
Jun 4, 2023
In the InfanView program, when I add the command $T(%d.%m.%Y.HOUR %H:%M) to the full screen option, the date and time are written on the picture, but would it be possible to make the movie have metadata in it date and time, but so that the date and time were not uploaded on the video view, only the date and time were shown by the player from the metadata, just like photos. In order not to clutter the video with date and time, just add them to the metadata and for the player to show this data, then I can modify the date and time subtitles or not show them when I don't want to. As it is uploaded to the film, so it must be. And what player for Windows and Android would be able to read this data?


May 15, 2023
Hey there @mamrower,

In the case of Windows, I think you could potentially use a combination of video editing software and a media player to add metadata and then choose when to display it.

For Android, the Nova Video Player seems like it could be a good fit. It's an open-source player that, among other things, automatically retrieves movie and TV show descriptions, and supports subtitle downloads. While it doesn't specifically mention date and time metadata, it does provide a lot of flexibility in managing video content, which might be useful for your needs.