is the pioneer a03 the best dvd ram to get?


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Oct 30, 1999
I don't no much about them yet, but from what I have read so far, the Pioneer A03 is better than the rest. I really don't care for HP, except thier printers. Others don't seem to do DVD-R, only DVD-RAM.

A guy at work who manages the TV station in my building (local goverment television) just bought one. He does video editing and stuff obviously. He is going to burn DVD's instead of recording VHS tapes for people who need the board chamber proceedings.


Oct 12, 2001
The Pioneer is a DVD-RW and not a DVD RAM drive. Two different formats. If you are going to make movies, get a DVD-RW. The disks can be read by many (not all) set top DVD players. I have the Pioneer A03 and it's a good drive. The only problem is that my home DVD player sometimes has problems with the fast foward and rewind search functions. It will sometimes skip ahead 5min or more but all the movies I've made play fine. Personally, I would wait until the technology matures a little more and blank media is cheaper before buying a DVD recordable drive.