is the black label delta worth it?


Feb 1, 2000
I've got a vantec socket A heatsink right now. It came with a 23cfm sunon which is really quiet. Exactly how much louder is the delta 38cfm and how much difference would it make in temps?


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Apr 12, 2000

It is VERY loud. It has a never ending whine to it. Once you get used to it, its not so bad but at first you will not be happy. I had a quiet room once upon a time :)

As far as temp you might expect a 4C or better drop. Its performance is unstopable. Dont put your fingers near it! hehe


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Oct 9, 1999
I'm familiar with the amount of noise you get from a Vantec SI5 HSF. I think the one I used to use may only have moved ~17 cfm. If you wish to move more air than your present CPU fan does, may I suggest a YSTech "27" cfm 60mm CPU fan? Some folks with tender ears insist that this fan is too loud. Hah! My Aunt Fanny.

You haven't lived 'till you hear a Delta 38 cfm CPU fan in your case. Amplifying on jzodda's comment, they are very L O U D. And annoying. The never ending whine is almost too awful to write about. I gotta stay out of these fan noise threads! They make me concentrate on the screaming banshee trapped in my case. I live in Seattle. As soon as there's no chance of Summer temperatures returning that bastard Black label is going into retirement for the Winter. The YSTech is a mere murmur in comparison. I'm buying bigger case fans, and or cutting holes in my case for better throughput.

If you don't need the extra 1-1.5C cooling that a Delta 38 cfm gives over and above a YSTech, don't buy the Black label.


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May 24, 2000
I have two on my VOS32 and it is very LOUD. It does not bother me though, I already have tons of fans so it all kind of blends into this soothing hum. That's just me though, you may be really bothered by them. They do work very well, however. At 7200 RPM or so, they move some serious air for a little 60mm fan. If you are not sure about the noise, I would try them first. If it bothers you, I would return them for the YS Techs that Klosters metioned. They are very nice fans too, and much quieter.