Is Ryzen Master software really working


Sep 17, 2018
Hey my specs are
AMD Ryzen 3 2200G(iGPU is diabled) on ASUS Ex 320 Gaming motherboard, with 8GB Gskill RAM and Zotac Geforce GTX 1050Ti
So i quite concerned about overheating since my temp are
1) CINEBENCHR15- Temp 70-75C ,
2) Prime95 (version 26.6)- Temp 88-92C, tested for not more than 3-4 minutes
3) OCCT - Max Temp 89C, tested for a solid 10min 10 sec.
4) Idle Temp- 41-54C
5) Browsing- 41-61C(occasionally it reaches 61)
Did not run any game so far as this a new PC setup

So I tried to reduce the voltage my CPU uses by manually reducing it to 1.10V in ryzen master and applied the new VOLT Windows restarted still while monitoring i find the CPU volts are going above the volts I assigned( it reached 1.35v ) , so is Ryzen master is really working??
And i heard from this video @5.50-@5.58(He says it exactly at 5.58) that "SOC voltage and APU GFX voltage are the same thing, so i though since i am using a dedicated GPU(GTX 1050Ti) i thought of keeping it zero or reducing it a bit, So can I do that or would it cause some problem???



Aug 25, 2001
While the SoC voltage and APU GFX share the secondary voltage plane, you CANNOT reduce it to zero, just because you're not using the iGPU. It should be power-gated if disabled anyways, so it shouldn't be contributing to your thermal load (the iGPU).

I believe that the lowest it should go, is 0.9V, as on my R5 1600 CPU, but generally, the APUs leave it at 1.1.