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Is My Laptop Too Hot?


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May 11, 2018
Model: Lenovo Ideapad Y500 (circa 2015)
CPU: Intel Core i5-3230 @2.6GHz
Graphics: 2 x Nvidia GT650M in SLI
Configuration: 1 x GT650M built-in. Second GT650M is a slot-in cartridge with its own fan. The two GPU's reach 64 C. and 59 C. when gaming. (The laptop is designed so that you can add a second graphics chip, or second hard drive, or DVD burner each of which is supplied in the same size cartridge so any one of them can fit the slot in the right side panel.)
I run the Lenovo's "Dust Removal" about once a week. This revs up the fan (or fans?) for several seconds at a time with slower intervals. It runs for about two minutes total during which i can see a bit of dust being blown out during the first couple of seconds only. I must, therefore, assume that dust accumulation is not contributing to heat increase.

After 45 minutes to an hour of gaming the cpu hits 82 C. - 84 C. My gaming PC never goes above 62 C. - 64 C. when gaming. I know the laptop is bound to run hotter than a well-cooled PC, but I'm wondering if it's OK for the laptop pu to run in the 80's?


Jun 11, 2012
Laptops can handle upto 100c even fine. They're made to run hotter than a desktop. 80c is reasonable while gaming.

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