Question Is KVM Over IP detectable


Junior Member
Jul 18, 2023
Hi.. I have a situation where i need to use a laptop from a different location and i am exploring the possibility of using KVM over IP as potential solution. however, I dont have admin access to install any applications in the computer that i am planning to access remotely. Does KVM over IP solution requires any driver or software installation ? Also can some one detect that i am using KVM over IP solution to operate the machine remotely ? Please advise.

Fallen Kell

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Oct 9, 1999
So... the only reasons I can think of for someone to ask this question are not good. There might be one or two scenarios where this is needed, but most don't seem good, especially if you are asking here on a general board and not simply asking the people who are the admin of the laptop (like "no I really am on that laptop doing my work, see the mouse move and the keyboard typing, I'm not on vacation at the beach, out of the office....".... get my point?).