is it possible to disable activex in win2k (not just IE)?


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Jun 30, 2000
I have a laptop that I was loaned from a major corporation for a specific project. There is a program that I need to run that uses ActiveX controls. When I run the program (it is a standalone program), the activex controls don't show.

I've talked with the author of the program, and the only solution that he has is that the company that owns the laptop has disabled ActiveX. Now, I don't have administrative access on the laptop. If I give it to them to figure out what the problem is, I won't get it back till saturday, minimum, which is way too long for my project. But, if I can talk someone through enabling it, I can have it done tonight.

So, what I need to know is first whether it is possible to disable activex in win2k professional, and second, where and how would I enable it?

Thank you