Is it bad, when you can no longer log in to your router?


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Aug 25, 2001
That it doesn't accept your password? (Tomato router)

I'm racking my brain, because I know I accessed my router settings a week or two ago, and I have a vague recollection I might have changed the password, but I also remember having to access the router, because my connections to Newegg were timing out. I had trouble logging into the router then, too, but after I finally got in, I found out why - LoadAve was like 5.0/5.0/5.0. Which is pretty weird... unless, the router CPU was running a crypt() function repeatedly, because someone had a remote login to my router, and was trying to bruteforce the password.

I noticed that SSHd and TelnetD were set to "Enabled", but I thought that by default, they didn't allow access from the WAN?

I think I disabled them, and maybe I changed the password. Maybe I'm OK. But I still wonder if I was hacked. Though, my Access Point password hadn't been changed.
Feb 25, 2011
Yes, that sounds suspicious. I wouldn't overthink it, though, just do a 30/30/30 reset, re flash with latest firmware version, and set it up properly again.