Is a "user serviceable battery" important to you in a laptop?

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    Looks like a lot of thread crapping. The question was about laptops, not phones. My answer is very simple to the original question. Yes!

    My laptop must be able to run with no battery inserted - A/C adapter only. I only use a battery when actually travelling or in a definite mobile situation.
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    I would never buy a laptop that I can't change my battery, ram and harddrive easily again, I bought an Asus laptop two year ago that was a pain on the butt to change the hardrive. Any more laptop I going to buy have to be able to change battery ram and hard drive easily. Thank God I have choices. We consumers should not support these blood sucking companies try to drian out every blood we have left by sell us something we have to pay them to change that other company will let us easily change.
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    This is scary, is this really what things are coming to now? It's not only that it sucks for us, but it's completely environmentally irresponsible for companies to do this crap. Now people have to throw out their whole computer because a simple part that could otherwise easily be replaced is not working. Keep in mind most users don't know how to use a screw driver or soldering iron so they would not be willing to hack it.

    It would be a deal breaker for me, but sadly when you go to buy something it's not like "non removable battery" is a feature they'd put on the box, so you only really find out once you go to use it.

    Modular computing is sadly dying. In fact standard laptops and desktops are dying. All the companies are concentrating on tablets, phones and ultrabooks now. I really hate this direction. All those things are nice, but they should not be replacing real PCs/laptops.
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    Screw users for profit.
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    Couldn't have said it better myself.
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    It's still possible to make a smartphone/tablet/thin laptop with easily accessible components, it's just that they do this purposely in order to rake in more cash. I have a Samsung smartphone that I've taken apart with only a phillips head screw driver. The microphone, ear piece, battery, and even PCB can be replaced pretty easily.

    It's special cases like Apple and others who do it force you into Applecare warranty service or a frequent upgrade cycle that are bending consumers over.
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