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IRS overpaid on Earned Income Tax Credit program by ...

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Feb 24, 2009
There is really no reason for a flat tax beyond conservative stupidity.

A tax code with graduated progressive brackets, and no deductions, is no more complicated while being imminently more practical.
Hell just froze over. I agree with you on something.


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Nov 11, 1999
If we want a real flat tax, then what we want is the APT tax-


Of course, it'd mean that the Rich would be paying taxes on their financial transactions along with everybody else, and we can't have that. Huh-uhh!


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Feb 13, 2010
I hate how the flat tax and the fair tax are more popular than a decentralized tax structure like was proposed by Murray Rothbard as a fix to the Articles of Confederation.

The flat tax and the fair tax suck because they have just as much compliance costs as the current system and they're revenue neutral... the U.S. govt getting 30% of every sale is just as tyrannical as the current income tax.

We need to repeal the current constitution and restore the Articles of Confederation with the following revisions:
all U.S. govt lands is transferred to the States in which they reside;
no article requiring the federal govt to pay the debt remaining from the current Constitution;
mentions of the general welfare removed;
all debt and payments in gold (the federal govt should be prohibited from printing money and from having a mint);
intrastate secession provisions;
PR admission (same as Quebec in the original);
no postal routes;
no valuation of land by the federal govt and instead a census should be taken to distribute the debts to the States;
"9 States" replaced with "the legislatures of 9/13 of the States";
signed by 37 more States and D.C.;
secrecy clause removed.