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IR, RF, Bluetooth Dongle/card


Junior Member
Dec 13, 2012
I will be piecing my HTPC together hopefully this weekend. Currently only missing my IR dongle and TV Tuner card. I was thinking about the remote and how ideal it would be if the dongle/card coud actually send signals back out like for home automation purposes..ie control lights, fans anything IR, RF or bluetooth would be perfect.

Does anyone know of a "one piece" card or something that accepts IR, RF and Bluetooth inputs and ideally can actually transmit any back to nearby devices?

It would be cool to go to "movie mode" and have lights dim automatically ...

If not at a min i need a dongle to use my Harmony One and Google TV Keyboard.. any suggestions?

el aye

Jan 22, 2013
I don't think anything you are talking about exists as a single device (IR/RF/BT).

Practically any IR receiver that comes with a MCE remote will work fine with your Harmony One (you can buy the IR receivers with or without a remote usually). I just went with the one that I thought looked like the best remote for the cheapest cost. I use a harmony remote as well, I wanted a backup remote though.

This is the one I went with ~3 years ago: http://www.amazon.com/Azend-MediaGat...ords=mediagate