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Ipv4 vs. IPv6 stable connection?


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Jul 27, 2004
I am pushing files from a computer that is updating my website on a continuous basis. The files are for my weather station I have running, and created by an application on a computer.

I have WinSCP running to keep the remote directory current with the local directory using SFTP. When a file changes or is added the change is detected and uploaded it to the web server. Recently the connection started dropping after a while. (2 hours to 12 hours) Tried different things while trouble shooting the problem and finally solved the problem.

The connection to the hosting company was using an IPv6 connection. I disabled IPv6, so the url would resolve to IPv4, and the connection has been stable since, now over 2 weeks.

Any ideas on why the connection via IPv4 is stable and IPv6 isn't?