Investment Banks agreeing with Bernie Sanders about Corporate GREEDflation not Inflation is ruining our lives


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May 11, 2002

Basically a little inflation will always be there, but what we have currently is corporations wanting massive profits and to get that they're raising prices like crazy. You can see it all around.. with eggs, with nvidia video cards, with car prices.. its EVERYWHERE.

It's Corporate GREEDflation!

And hopefully people are getting fed up of this and we will have to resort a little bit of socialism called: Price Controls to keep prices in line with what we can pay instead of having to pay too much!

Not going to happen easily though with the politicians on both ends of the aisle being in the pocket of big corporate donors.

But after paying $7 for a dozen eggs.. I'm fed up!


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Jan 15, 2015
The rentier class is trying to extract as much rent as they can before everyone runs out of money. Then when the economy takes a shit they'll buy up as much real property for fire sale prices as they can.

None of this is a mystery. Oligarchs want to be the founding members of an Aristocracy.