Interview question time.

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Dec 15, 2004
((greatest weakness question))

The best I've heard from interviewees:

That when the day is over, my wife makes me stop working in most cases. I like work, but I also have a life outside of work and I expect to continue that life. Living in a world where my job is more important than my family is not something in which I'm interested.

It actually threw me for a loop when I heard it. It showed me not that the person was smug and thought he was better than the company, but that he had limits and wasn't willing to sacrifice certain things which should be a higher priority than his job.

It is a weakness in the employee as far as the company is concerned, but certainly makes him a better person, and that weakness brings him strength as a human being.


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Sep 13, 2001
You just have to know how to answer it so your weakness sounds like a strength.

yea i've been asked this before and I tell them that sometimes my desire to learn things on my own causes me to try and solve issues by myself instead of going and asking someone for help. and because of this, sometimes a task can take longer because I figure it out myself instead of going and asking for help.

this is actually true though, not just some bs answer heh.


heh wow just read gocorpos answer which is basically the exact thing i just said too.


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Aug 29, 2006

Sometimes my mind begins to wander and I find myself undressing people in front of me with my eyes. What color underwear did you say you were wearing again?


Nov 18, 2001
I hate those types of BS questions. You should be asking me about the things on my resume that made you interested enough to call me in for an interview. Then you should go more in depth on my knowledge and skills that relate to the work you want me to do. All of the psychological/behavioral questions are just a waste of time. Anybody can make up an answer that sounds good in an interview. If you like the candidate's qualifications and they can prove that they really know what they're talking about during the interview, then hire them. You'll find out pretty quickly whether or not they have the soft skills you need which can be faked in an interview.