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Question Internal 6 Drive SATA SSD RAID for video editing?

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May 31, 2012
4K Freelance Video Editor here. Was previously contemplating a 10gbe QNAP, or USB 3.2 RAID drive enclosure. But I know the future is SSD, and I also love the idea of keeping everything inside my case.

I have a large full tower case with many drive bays. Looking at a PCIe4.0 X570 motherboard.

I am wondering if I could either:

(A) Use 4 onboard SATA ports to create a 4 drive SSD RAID
(B) Purchase a high bandwidth SATA/SAS card for the PCI 4.0 4x slot with 6+ SATA expansion connectors for a 6 drive SSD RAID

The thought would be perhaps a RAID 5 or RAID 6 array of 4-6 Samsung QVO 8TB Drives. Yes, this would cost $4k-$6k for the drives. But it might give me, after RAID, somewhere around 30TB of SSD storage at around 2000mb/s or so? This would be much faster than an 8-drive RAID 6 QNAP where I'd see 800-1200 mb/s, plus faster random speeds I'd assume, and I would think more reliable than physical HDDs.

Would this work? What do you think?


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May 4, 2000
Locking as you already have a current thread in this sub-forum, and you can add details to it.

In fact, in 4 days, you have created 10 separate threads (with even more than that on Reddit).
That's enough. Ask any additional questions in one of those, and do not create any more concerning
this potential build.

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