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Interference from other components?


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Mar 3, 2000
I had a desktop tower running Vista (and later, Windows 8) set up next to my entertainment center and hooked to my receiver and tv. Used a wireless mouse and keyboard and they worked great.

I built a new rig (Windows 8) and used a htpc case and moved it into the entertainment center. My center channel is above and to the right of it and my receiver next to it. Now my keyboard and mouse get wonky. I've changed batteries and moved the transmitter to the front of the case but that didn't help.

Possible interference to the wireless signal? I don't want to just start moving things to test as I'd have to reroute cables and cut cable ties.


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Feb 18, 2010
A couple things I'd try:

The first is to try switching wireless channels on any cordless phones or wireless networks you might have.

Secondly, if you unplug everything but the HTPC and the TV, does it get any better? If not, then it's probably more likely shielding than interference.