Interface lag in Office 2016


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Jul 19, 2007
So I installed the new Office 2016 through the free trial of Office 365. Right now it's installed alongside my Office 2010 installation, so I have a direct comparison.

While generally it's basically the same thing, and within the windows itself in Office 2016 most thing work nicely and smoothly, there are some really annoying UI quirks. Office 2010 was perfectly smooth everywhere. That isn't the case for 2016.

For additional information, I am running Windows 10 with i7-2600k OCed, R9 290, 8 GB of RAM, so system resources are not the issue.

For example, when you resize the window by dragging a corner, the whole thing jags like crazy, and it looks like you're expanding a white rectangle while the the rest of the GUI struggles to keep up. This problem is completely absent in Office 2010. Similarly, when you try to resize the width or height of cells in Excel, it starts lagging and skipping whereas, again, Office 2010 was perfectly smooth.

At the same time, dragging the window around for Office 2016 is smooth. Though sometimes when you drag it towards the edge of the screen, a white rectangle sometimes starts edging into the graphic inside the window, preparing it for the Windows Snap. Again, the issue does not exist in Office 2010.

Any of you guys know an explanation for any of this outside of just the standard, cuz MSFT will find a way to be incompetent somewhere?

For me, annoying graphical glitches are certainly enough to cancel the subscription and not pay for a product that makes the user experience worse for no apparent reason.

NOTE: one of the common proposed solutions is turning off hardware acceleration. It does not solve the problem.


Mar 9, 2005
I also have 2016 on my laptop and tablet and I haven't noticed that effect. I'm running 2010 pro on my desktop so I couldn't give a comparison for having two different version installed don the same machine.


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Sep 1, 2002
Does the problem occur if you start an Office program in safe mode (hold Ctrl while clicking the shortcut)?