Interesting little diffuser thingy...

Discussion in 'Digital and Video Cameras' started by Cerpin Taxt, Oct 31, 2012.

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    Save your money. There is no magic when it comes to lighting. If you want that soft, wrap-around lighting then you need a large light source close to your subject, something far larger than that wing.

    That wing might be slightly better than direct flash, but not at more than 2-3 feet total flash to subject distance. At that point the vast majority of your light will be directly from the wings, with very little bouncing back from surrounding walls or ceiling since they are too far away. Besides, that thing looks like it will eat up at least two stops of light, so that much less to bounce around.
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    yup; If you wanted a better design I'd say put reflective coating on the inside surface facing the person, and close up the ends.

    But the real answer is getting a bigger light source; that can never be beaten.