Question Intel13th gen and Z690 problems?


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Feb 26, 2006
Saw this earlier:

Since one of the builds I'm looking at includes the i5-13600K and either an ASUS or Gigabyte board, it really caught my attention.
I notice the article really doesn't mention "BIOS updates," but it does say the problems "can be reproduced using the latest firmware."
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Jan 24, 2014
I can tell you there was a major issue with 13th gen CPUs that came up after an Intel Management Engine update, the fix was to update the ME firmware as well.

See the following 2 posts:
PSA: Some Intel BIOS updates are nasty, bricking the NVME slot attached to the CPU.

I was merely passing along the bit of info that I stumbled upon. Ah, dug a bit more and found your exact issue, it appears you need to update the Intel ME firmware & driver.

Here's a thread on the issue -
Here's the resource page you need for firmware/driver -

Take it slow, read the threads. Good luck!
In your place I would still consider a Z690 from any of the major brands but with the ability to flash BIOS without a CPU is a MUST in this case (BIOS flashback, Q-Flash Plus, has various names). This article contains a list, though I would manually check the final board of choice.

If you encounter issues with the NVME slot connected to the CPU, then look into the links above and perform that Intel ME firmware update. (haven't checked but I believe that update eventually comes through Windows anyway)