Intel video capture card not detected by Studio 7 Software, Help.


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Jun 30, 2002
I have an Intel video capture card installed on my PC that came with the Intel Create and Share Web Cam Camera Pack. I have the video out put from a Hitachi A/V camcorder connected to the card and the audio output connected to the audio input of my PC's sound card and the camcorder is on. (The card has inputs for the web cam, s-video and one RCA connector for analog input.)

I have read all the trouble shooting guides and searched the FAQ's. I have done the following: installing the DV/AV drivers from the Studio CD again after the initial setup, powering the system off and on, checking all connections and verifying that the capture card is operating properly by going to the "device manager" for my computer.

I have been able to view video from the camcorder on my PC by launching the Intel Create and Share program that has a make movie feature but is very basic.

When I launch Studio 7 I get a pop-up window that says, "Pinnacle Studio can not initialize the DV video capture device." I click OK and then when I go to Setup, capture source, capture device, the only option I have in the dropdown menu is DV Camcorder.

How do I get Studio 7 to recognize my video capture card so that I may capture video and sound from my camcorder?