Intel NUC and video sharpness setting

Discussion in 'Home Theater PCs' started by Dave3000, Mar 3, 2018.

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    I noticed that when I set the driver sharpness to custom, it default to 44. 64 is the maximum sharpness and 0 is the minimum sharpness but I'm not sure if the 0 setting is artificially adding blur to the image or if it's neutral. I'm also not sure if 44 is neutral sharpness since that's where it defaults to as soon I choose custom for sharpness in the driver settings or if 32 (halfway point) is the neutral sharpness setting? What I'm asking is if I want to control the sharpness through the driver settings, what is the neutral sharpness setting for the video?
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    Wow, no responses in a month...

    Well, I don't have a NUC, but given it is most likely something like a Intel® HD Graphics 620 chip, I would say it is just like any other graphics card, and you simply need to calibrate the sharpness to your TV/monitor like you would any other card. Sharpness isn't so much what the card is doing, it is the interaction of the card AND your display. You need to tune the setting accordingly. Use a calibration site like:
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    Just use defaults, it should not be adding sharp or blur with the defaults. Also ask intel, they made the driver.