Intel leak details new X399 chipset

May 11, 2008
I wonder if this chipset will not have the HPET bug inside the X299.

Intel leak details new X399 chipset, likely for Kaby Lake-X processors
By Kevin Lee a day ago Processors

Like The Simpsons, AMD did it first

It seems Intel is working on a little more than a new Z390 chipset as new leaks also point to an upcoming X399 chipset for high-end desktop CPUs.

A Twitter user named Momomo, posted an alleged document pulled from Intel’s download center that include the rumored Z390 chipset and the first ever mention of a new X399 platform. From the supported hardware details, it seems Intel’s forthcoming chipsets will support both existing Coffee Lake processors as well as future Cannon Lake releases.

Intel Rapid Storage TechnologyVersion: Notes Point-H9th Gen CNLKaby Point 25, 2018

A X399 chipset would be the next logical successor to the current X299 platform that supports Skylake-X and Intel Core X processors. With that in mind, we may well see the introduction of Kaby Lake-X processors as Intel’s next generation of HEDT CPUs.

If Intel actually goes through with releasing a new X399 chipset, it would directly clash with the X399 motherboards meant for AMD Ryzen Threadripper. The one saving grace is AMD could soon be moving onto a X499 chipset to support Ryzen Threadripper 2nd generation.

Sadly, beyond names, there aren’t any details on what new features Intel’s potential Canon Lake and Kaby Lake-X platforms will bring.