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Intel G620 & SD pict quality


Sep 1, 2012
just built a client extender to take the place of my SageTV extender and the HD viewing is fine (via HDHR).

Problem is my SD picture quality via my analog tuners (Hauppauge PVR150 and PVR500) isn't very good (certainly, not as good as the SageTV extender it is replacing). When watching sporting events, the text on the screen like the scrolling scores along the bottom of the screen, the score, game clock, shot clock, names on the backs of jerseys etc. is fuzzy and not sharp. As it scrolls, the text almost looks like its flashing.

This SD video is NTSC 480i video and I believe the iGPU on the intel G620 is doing the de-interlacing.

What settings should I adjust on the Intel graphics & media driver software to optimize the SD picture quality?