Question Intel Atom GPU limiting


Junior Member
Jan 26, 2021
I have a 2nd hand tablet for my children running an Intel Atom Z3745D. When playing games like Minecraft, it gets overheated and goes to sleep.

The power configuration has all kinds of options to limit the CPU, so I already limited the CPU to 75%, but that doesn't solve the problem, because it's the integrated GPU that's overheating the CPU:

CoreTemp shows 0.5 W CPU ower usage with all cores running at 75% (0,99 GHz) and an Estimated Uncore of 0.3 W (totalling 0.8W), but during graphic intensve tasks (running OpenGL FurMark test), Uncore goes to 3.9 W (and Core to 0.7 W, totalling 4.6 W), blowing away the CPU's power usage, so no amount of CPU throttling is going to fix this.

I have this issue on 2 identical tablets, so it seems to be a structural issue with the GPU running hot and the casing not being able to dissipate the heat.

Is there any configuration I can do to limit the integrated GPU instead of the CPU?