Question Intel and RISC V - A match made in heaven?

Jul 27, 2020
Intel buying up a RISC V company could be the perfect "shot in the arm" RISC V needs to penetrate into the mainstream market. Not sure if Intel is allowed to burden it with their own instruction set extensions. But I'm guessing that they will find a way to make it their own one way or the other, especially with the threat of nVidia's ongoing efforts to eat Intel's lunch with their planned ARM acquisition.

This could also initiate their departure from the overloaded x86 ISA. I bet that a good majority of their engineers are tired of keeping this overly complicated ISA relevant for modern needs. RISC V is just the breath of fresh air they need, I reckon.
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Jun 1, 2017
There's a thread about this already.
I personally think this thread stands on its own. The other thread's discussion is all about what SiFive adds to Intel, what uses it has, if any, and whether RISC V will be on life support thereafter. Whereas this thread starts out as the deal being a big chance for RISC V which is the poplar opposite in tone.
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