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Oct 24, 2007
if anyone recognizes, i've been to china and i've posted a couple of times about games i bought. well all the one's i bought initially worked fine (7 games) but then there is another stack that i had bought that were "copied" versions, i don't know how to put it. Basically, the 7 i tried first came with a box and all the goodies for around 50rmb, these ones came without the box and were 5rmb. it was from a store that sold dvd's and video's so it's a legit copy, but i can't figure out how to get them to work. here's what i've tried.

I put an extra dvd player i had in the computer and set it to region 6, and when i try to run one game (fifa 08) it says the "device is not ready" whereas the other dvd player i have which is region 1, it says access is denied if my memory serves me correctly. Other games give me similar errors, but here's the kicker. if it was in chinese my wife could read it, but there's a lot of spots (like 80%) that are either "????'s" or some kind of russian alphabet, i don't know. all the games have been like that, not just these ones, so i'm kind of at a loss.

If anyone could post suggestions, i'm going to class but when i get home i'll try each and every suggestion presented to me, so several would be helpful.

I tried changing the region in windows to chinese on a new account that i made for that very reason, but in Vista i'm not sure if i'm doing that right. I know some games you may have to do that, from what i heard in a previous post, but i'm not sure.

Thanks a lot for the help,



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Nov 30, 2005
Going out on a limb here, but maybe you should just buy legitimate retail versions of the games?

Piracy in any other language is still piracy, so good luck with that. /end pretentious asshole rant