Question Installation of Unraid to a Dell R720 with stale configuration array issue?


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Oct 9, 1999
I did my first install of Unraid to a Dell R720 (LFF) last night and was hoping for an easy job, alas not. Hard drive configuration is as follows. Two 250Gb SSD's, to be used as cache, one 8Tb and four 2Tb hard drives, all SATA. It is my understanding that this will work for starters but I will need another 8Tb for parity and I plan on replacing the 2Tb drives as they are very old. So the problem is I can not start the array with the message of "stale configuration" bottom left of screen. Is this because of the RAID controller in the R720? Do I need to flash it to IT mode or get a new controller? Or something else all together? There are no virtual disks and I have disabled RAID in the BIOS. Thanks all.