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Input for New HTPC i5 build


Feb 20, 2006

I am building my first HTPC. Going for a haswell i5 4600 build. Steam gaming, netflix web browsing. No overclocking, trying to make this as quiet as possible. Just looking for overall comments. I'm not worried about being $100 or so less as much as a very solid build.

Asus B85M-G
i5 4570
WD Green 2 TB HD
Samsung 840 EVO 120GB
Kingston HyperX 2X4GB PC3 16000 CL9( dual channel )
Corsair CX 600 power
Silverstone GD08
Sanoxy media remote.
I have a separate samsung Blu-ray player, will use Windows 8.1 (Will experiment with XMBC, I think).

I can throw in a two year old radeon, if I really want better gaming, but to keep it quiet, what passive cooled GPU might be a good add in?

Thanks in advance for your helpful comments.


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May 8, 2012
The only passively cooled card that would really give you much of a performance boost over the iGPU would be some of the 7750 cards (I have the HIS version). There is a passive 7850, but since you want as few fans spinning as possible in a HTPC, I'd be worried the thing would melt. My 7750 gets warm under load but still safe, with just a single case fan running along with the CPU fan. The iGPU will be fine for all HTPC duties, I use the 7750 since it has a bit more features and adjustability for multiple duties. Intel's graphics utilities needs some work, but are certainly functional. Gaming, you will just have to see.

Otherwise, it all looks dandy.


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Nov 6, 2011
I would not get the Corsair PSU, they are not very good. For the build you describe, you don't need more than 550W and this Seasonic PSU is rock solid: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16817151136
I think the Corsair PSUs are fine... I have 2 CX430's in use right now, including in my HTPC, and they have been solid all the way. Having said that, the Seasonic Alan linked to is nice, but extravagantly expensive given the intended purpose. That's not saying a Seasonic PSU isn't bad, either. Since it's going into a HTPC case, how about the Corsair CX500M modular PSU... $45(AR) with shipping.

OP, what kind of games we talking here?

The i5's iGPU will be more than enough for HTPC duty but not for gaming. I used the iGPU on my 2500K to run MW1 & 2... they ran, but not very well, and almost unplayable about 10% of the time.
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