Industria appears to be a fascinating game that doesnt have much conent.


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Jul 15, 2003
According to their own description its only about 4 hours of gameplay.

Set in a parallel universe at the end of the cold war.


Jun 3, 2011
played it, finished it.
not satisfied.
Read the spoiler because there's very little to spoil.
1. the game starts really well. While it has a weird intro, it does move forward quite briskly and you quickly get thrown into media res. The first area has pretty mediocre indie graphics.
2. actual gameplay starts when you arrive into a sort of parallel world. You are looking for your husband, and from what can be deduced, he was the King of this parallel world, and his creation of the artificial intelligence ATLAS of (1) has gone amok and killed everyone with sentient robots.
3. you walk along this desolated city; the controls work fairly well, decent jump mechanics, unlimited sprint, crouching and obvious stealth (unexplained, but you can see that the robots do not awake).
4. first firefights, limited ammo a la Resident Evil, fairly quick and dumb but potentially dangerous enemies. Strong weapons. Aim and reaction time are actually important. Limited health.
5. two more city areas. Couple more enemy types.
Very beautiful map design, gorgeous light effects, while still rough in some parts, absolutely lovely art style.
6. Train / Beach area. Game absolutely crippled, i had to set everything to LOW and rez to 1366 x 760 to be able to move, otherwise i was on single-digit frames.
7. The End.

like .. idk, 20 minutes if you try to speedrun it. It takes longer to figure out what needs doing, than to finish the game. MAYBE 2 hours at a decent pace. Zero replayability, even though they give you a hardcore mode, you have infinite sprint, and at that point ammo does not matter anymore. All you really need to do is pass a few annoying mobs which takes 1 shotgun shell to the face and nothing more.
I took my time, really enjoying everything, making sure to collect every bit of ammo. And, the game was clearly done with love, and care, even if some aspects are rough, unpolished, and even amateurish at some points. Despite the game having made a good impression initially, i cannot recommend it because of the atrocious drop in frames on the beach section, and because it literally ends when you expect it to be just starting.

Allegedly, they want to make more of it, and this was just Episode 1. Could be, probably will be, but ..

.. i don't see this being a finished product within the next 5 years.