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incredibly annoying problem - underscaling only in games - Radeon 4500 HD series


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Jun 29, 2011
title says it all, when im in any game, it automatically underscales by 8%, no matter what resolution the game is set to, so i end up with a 1" black line around the screeen

soon as i exit the game, guess what, it rescales back to Overscan (no black line)

and if alt tab out of a game it again rescales to overscan until i bring the game window to front (no issue when game windowed but i prefer fullscreen)

i cannot find anything for Game Scaling

clicking the checkbox in the scaling options has no effect for games

any ideas? this is extremely annoying, and when it underscans like it is, it messes with the touchscreen because the game isnt using the full screen

i have the most recent driver version from amd

tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and reinstalling again, no difference, there must be a setting im missing somewhere, this is driving me nuts :mad:

also, any idea why the game that is fullscreen be lagging so badly? soon as i go windowed it stops lagging and plays beutifully
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