Increasing my X1800 XL's voltage ...


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Jan 29, 2005
Heya ...

Just bought and installed my brand new and now properly working and positive result-giving Zalman VF700-ALCu :)

Well now I got some more over-clocking headroom due of course to the cooler temperatures.

Right now, my XL is at 558/558 (from 500/495).

Idle Temp (average): 46ºC
Load Temp (average): 62ºC

Keep in mind that the mentioned Temps above are over-clocked ones. At default frequency it's about 3ºC to 5ºC lower for both Idle and Load temps according to my just completed test using ATi Tool's 3-D View, along with two runs of 3DMark06.

Completely stable, no crashes, no artifacts whatsoever.

I'd like to push it further though, since the X1800 XL is pretty much an XT with lower voltages and frequencies. I would feel much safer now to perhaps not being far from the XT speeds, although I don't actually want to go to that point as of now.

Well, that's my concern, I might have to increase the voltages a bit.

But when do I actually have to tell myself "ok, this thing needs more juice now because ..."

Because what ... that's my question. What would be the symptoms of having too low voltages for the given higher frequencies ?

System crash ? Benchmark freezing/crashing ? Anything "universal" when it comes to "not having enough juice" ?

Enlighten me please !