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Question Importing PST into Office without ending up with TWO Inboxes and messed up accounts?


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Dec 17, 2009
Hi, I know this seems simple, but I screw it up every time. Have been for nearly two decades now.

I ALWAYS end up with two inboxes and cannot understand what I am doing wrong. Since I do this once every 3 to 5 years I forget the right sequence.

Simply put, I exported a PST file from my Office 2016 and want to import it into Office on a new PC.

What is the proper sequence? Do I first install Office, then go ahead and create my email account and THEN import the PST file?

Videos and tutorials never ever show the entire sequence. They just assume you know. I really do need all the steps listed or I WILL screw this up. :(

I really do not want to have a screwed up Office, which i then have the uninstall and reinstall which only causes the software to run slow and buggy.

Thanks in advance. I know I sound like a moron, but I can build a computer no problem. I just cannot ever get this one thing right.


Dec 5, 2018
So I want to state very clearly before i say anything else I hate outlook with a burning passion. That being said i have alittle more experience with it than i'd like. So first of all you need to check the way your outlook is set up on your last computer(IMAP vs. POP3) also did you make alot of custom folders? are you saving lots of emails from the past? these things make a difference is pop vs imap. if its imap it should be plug and play easy (for the most part). pop is normally where things to to get weird. normally i just set up as a fresh pop with the old email, then after getting past outlook setup, just import the .pst file of choice(check do not import duplicates) and all good. Most of the problems occur during either not check do not duplicate or imap vs pop. Good luck hope this helps.

edit: sorry to answer more clearly install office, (im assuming you're using a pop account in outlook, and also assuming youre using an existing email address) log in like you're logging into outlook for the first time and log into the email you want to import as a pop account(youll see it grab the emails on the server, or atleast you should). Then you take the .pst file you exported, and import it with as i stated before "do not import duplicates". also side note in theory if you are doing imap none of this should be an issue. also hint hint nudge nudge imap...... if you arnt already(might mess stuff up if youre saving old emails or have old outlook profiles so i understand)
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