Import Whitelist for NoScript?


Apr 7, 2012
Well, I was having startup, lag, and leak issues with Firefox, so I reset the browser. I use Siphon to synchronize my extensions, and XMarks to synchronize my bookmarks, so I thought this would be a virtually pain-free reset. Unfortunately, Siphon apparently doesn't sync the whitelist from NoScript, or it became corrupted or somehow else glitched, and now I'm left without my massive whitelist I've built up for myself over the past several years. I'm frustrated I took this for granted, and didn't export the whitelist first, but there's nothing I can do about that now, so now I'm looking for a simpler, easier solution.

Does anyone maintain a whitelist for NoScript? I don't care if it isn't perfect. I was hoping maybe there was some community whitelist, but if not, then I was hoping maybe the anti-virus makers stored a whitelist in a useable .txt. file that I could import.

What course of action do you guys suggest?