Feb 16, 2003
Second grading period with her, she gives me bad grades, around 50% mostly, on most of the homework and labs. I ask her, and she said she threw the papers away. I let it go since even if I got better grades on those, my grade for the grading period wouldn't change, I got a solid B.

THis grading period, I wrote on the top of all my papers in BIG LETTERS "PLEASE RETURN THESE PAPERS TO ME, DO NOT THROW THEM AWAY." Did I get any back? No, but the grades were how they should be for labs and homework, all most 100% on everything. BUT, I just checked online today, and she gave me a 0/40 on the formal lab. These are a large part of our grades and so they aren't anything I can excuse. I turned it in that day, and I have proof from the people around me because they all commented how mine was printed on smoother paper than usual. I use slightly more expensive, not that much more, just one grade up, of paper that is brighter and slightly thicker for reports. THey noticed and commented on it, I can bring that up and they'll remember so I have proof I turned it in.

Tomorrow is also the last day of the class, but last day of school is friday. I let the second grading period of things go by, but this time I'm going to raise HELL with her. I feel she may be racist, but I want to see if we can work this out without mentioning discrimination for now, worst comes to worst, I'll rip on her to the administration about this being the second time my grade has been skrewed over

Maybe some other time I'll explain how and why my friends and I feel she is racist, I have to study for the chem final I have tomorrow..... I'm really mad at her, but this time I'm not going to let it slide at all, I'm sick of this BS