Discussion Illegear Apex 27" - DP 1.2 in 2021?


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Dec 24, 2007
A few days ago a friend of mine was asking me about the Illegear Apex 27" ( specs here: APEX | ILLEGEAR). The manufacturer is a Malaysian based OEM making various gaming-focused equipment. The specs of this particular monitor looks very impressive on paper for its price (Malayisan Ringgit 1,200 or about USD 300) - 1440p IPS, 165Hz, wide gamut with both Adobe RGB and DCI-P3 coverage, 10 bit with FRC ( I think this is done so that they can advertise HDR support) . But it seems the manufacturer decided to skimp on the input - using DP 1.2 instead of DP 1.4 which required 4:2:2 to achieve 165hz (at 10bpc, 4:4:4 at 8bpc looks to be do-able). Can't find any reviews on it but would be interesting to see what its response time and input lag will be.

I thought the DP 1.2 choice was kinda silly - I would imagine using DP1.4 (which could do the max resolution at max refresh rate at max bit depth without chroma subsampling) wouldn't cost too much more than using a scaler board with DP 1.2, and considering that this is their flagship monitor it wouldn't be hard to charge another 10% or so to cover the extra cost. What do people think?


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Aug 8, 2008
Asus VG27AQ is similar spec + gsync, not much more over $300, being an unknown brand, gotta price it aggressively and cut costs where you can. Just guessing.
DP1.2 can't support HDR, so I guess that also means HDR only over HDMI...