iGPU + dGPU, anyway go force dgpu to render all 3D/games?


Nov 10, 2012
Here's the situation.

Display1: intel gpu (vga)
Display2: amd gpu (dvi)

If display 1 is set primary, all 3D/games are rendered using the intel gpu.

If display 2 is set primary, all 3D/games are rendered using amd gpu.

Now if display 2 is set primary, I can drag a 3D app/game from display 2 onto display 1, and it'll continue to be rendered by the amd gpu and outputting the video through the intel gpu using some sort of black magic transfer.

What I would like to do is to keep display1 as my primary but enable the black magic rendering transfer using amd gpu as preferred.

It seems to be possible albeit unsupported. Reading on the internet virtuMVP used to allow a user to define which was used. Now that app doesn't support windows 10 :/

Unimportant info:
-I cannot physically swap the connectors in display 1 and 2 because display 1's dvi is taken.

-I do not want display 2 as primary because display 1 is better.

-I know I can ignore igpu entirely but then the temps/power significantly increase on my amd gpu when it ohas to drive two displays. I observe memory speed dropping from 1500mhz to 300mhz at idle and core clocks dropping from 600 to 300 idle when it powers one display. Multi display ramps it into that more power hungry config.

If any reghack or app exists that would redirect the rendering work too my amd gpu that would save me money from buying a new display, or the temps/noise from multi display on the amd card.

P.s. sorry for typo in title, I typed this from my phone.
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Jan 6, 2014
What you're describing is AMD Switchable Graphics (and Nvidia's Optimus). AFAIK this is only a feature on laptops that have AMD or Nvidia GPUs in them, it's not possible on desktop..