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Diamond Member
Apr 21, 2000
Almost as bad as all that Elian crap on egay a while back...his rafts, a clone, the dolphin...


Senior member
Dec 8, 2000
this waas posted already with a topic title of "this is the funnist thing ever" or something like that and but this thread says its a dirty trick.....the commments in both post are almost exactly opposite


Diamond Member
Mar 16, 2000
Hehe, the counter was at 32,000 after it had already been posted on here for a few days. It says right there on top:
You should contact the seller to resolve any questions before bidding.

Reminds me of the idiots who email people there aol passwords even though it says right on the mail that aol will never ask for your password.


Oct 11, 1999
What the hell? That person was too stupid to read the title. It says "Original Box".. Geez.. You know, In GH forum, the majority of people are saying the exact opposit. Which I agree with.

Don't you hate pants?


Oct 15, 2000
hey, if the person was stupid enough to buy this they deserve it

Anyone w/ any Common sense can see through this.


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Nov 14, 2000
you know it could be my imagination, but i could have sworn that i came across a post about this exact e-bay scam. and the scary this is that most people posting in that thread thought it was an ingenious idea...if you ask me its sick to do something like that. $425 is alot of money to lose.


Golden Member
Jul 27, 2000
I've been sent this thread 6 times, and I originally came across it with just 40something views, and even at first glance I knew it was just the box, and considering when this deal went down, so did the VAST MAJORITY of the people who looked at it, as most PS2s went for a grand or more around that time, no?

Personally, I find it amazingly funny. This is the e*ay Syndrome at it's best. The bidders on this are the same type of people who once bid a $10 EISA SCSI card I was selling to over $75, while completely ignoring the other, identical cards being sold by people with more feedback above and below my auction, with very similar descriptions, then whine because my description was "misleading" because the card wasn't ISA. I even put, clearly, in the description, that they needed to be sure they had compatible hardware.

e*ayers are, quite simply, complete idiots when they're bidding on something.


Dec 8, 1999
I know people who would be willing to buy a playstation box & receipt for $20, that way you can put you stolen or otherwise illegaly aquired PS2 through the laundry, so to speak.

Actually in some pubs in Sydney you can sell electronic appliance boxes with its accompaning receipt for $10 easy. Well at least enough money to cover a couple of beers

Is it the seller's fault that someone offered him 4 & a quarter monkeys for it?

To be honest if I had a PS2 box & receipt I might even try the same thing.

"But I question the integrity of the seller. Here's another of his auction, indirectly promoting piracy of the PS1/PS2 games."

BTW, GammarayX, no where on that page you link does it indirectly promote piracy, it howevers tell people that those discs can be used to backup ones own licensed PS2 games.

Now if tyou think 'backup' is a euphemism for suggesting piracy, that's your though not his, Just as no where on does hew mention the box will have anything in it but a receipt.

It's not his problem that people don't understand the English language & interpret things differently.


Oct 13, 1999
A good friend of mine refuses to call e*ayers by any other name except "Lemmings" just because once someone bids on something, regardless of how stupid a mistake that bidder made, everyone else viewing the item will make the same mistake.

IMO, 99% of buyers at egay are DUMB and deserve to pay inflated prices for items that they fail to research. Where else do you see people bidding $5-20 dollars on "Where to buy a Voodoo 5 for $99" or crap like that?

THe lady who bought that PS2 box is a retard that needs to work on her reading comprehension skills or at least have half a brain and EMAIL the guy to make sure she's getting what she wants. I think she should not only drop her complaint but pay an additional IDIOT TAX for being such a stupid-head.

If it wasn't for the fact that I've sold all my junk in my possession for 4-5x the amount I expected on egay, I would avoid that site altogether. ;)