If you had $350 to spend on a video card...what would you get?

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Senior member
Feb 13, 2001
As many have mentioned I may just look at buying something I can sell later and upgrade the monitor and card. I agree $350 is more card than I can really use.

I'll have to see if they guy who builds my computers can move the card w/out having to ship it somewhere.

Hmm...maybe it's time to put the 19" Viewsonic on the kids computer. Get rid of the last CRT left in the house. :)


Golden Member
Aug 2, 2001
I understand your point. It's just that I've got to spend the $$ fairly soon and it has to be all on one video card. There is a decent chance I'll be getting a larger monitor at some point in the future so the resolution will most likely go up.
5870 or 470 are the only options since you have to spend all $350 on a video card. Given those choices, I'd go with the 5870. Its generally faster, consumes less power and produces less heat. And since new 470's can be had for around $250 or less, the 5870 will have higher resale value if you decide to sell it.