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If you can't install Office 365...try this


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Mar 21, 2008
So, on a nice fresh install of Windows 10 I could not get Office 365 to install the local versions of office apps. They don't allow you to just download the installation files to install from a local source. You get a setup.exe which is going to connect to Microsoft and download what it needs.

So the orange box comes up Saying "we are getting a few things ready" where it sits until it eventually errors out. I spent two days troubleshooting this including two hours on the phone with Microsoft this morning.

Here is what the problem turned out to be. In my firewall (Linksys LRT 214) has the following options (among many others). I had checked the box to block activeX and proxy servers. After pouring over logs for a long time, i figured out that enabling those two items makes it work.

Block :



Access to HTTP Proxy Servers

Just thought I'd pass that on since in all my googling I didn't see anyone post this as a solution.