Question If I build a PC using an Intel I7-10700K CPU or the soon to be released AMD Ryzen Gen 4 CPU, how video cards and displays will Windows 10 support?


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Oct 14, 2020
I need a computer to drive at least 6 displays and preferably more, up to 12 displays, for day trading. Will Windows 10, an older Intel I7, and two Nvidia GTX 770's not in SLI mode drive 6 displays? Also, if I decided to build a custom PC for this purpose of day trading but also to play video games like Battlefield 5, using a 10th gen Intel I7 processor or new Gen 4 Ryxen 5900 CPU, how many displays could I drive with two RTX 3080 video cards? Could I even mix a build using one RTX 3080 for driving 2 4k gaming displays at 60 Hz, and install the older GTX 770 video cards to drive 6 more displays at just 1920 x 1080P video at any decent frame rate such as 30 Hz, again using Windows 10 OS?


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Nov 13, 2016
For NVIDIA, it's usually 4 displays per GPU. So, one GeForce RTX 3080 for two 4K displays, and two GTX 770 for 6 displays, should be alright in theory. In theory, because I don't have a 8-display setup to test.

CPU is not that relevant*, but make sure the motherboard has three PCIE x16 slots. Whether the top two PCIE x16 slots are x16 CPU + x4 chipset, or x8 CPU + x8 CPU isn't important for this use case.

(*) The Intel CPU you selected has integrated graphics, which may be used for more displays, whereas the AMD CPU selected does not.


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Dec 10, 2010
Most motherboards will only have a single HDMI port for integrated graphics. So the CPU could give you one additional display. But many mobo's disable integrated graphics with an add-in card is installed.

Installing a 770 with a 3080 should in theory work, but not sure anybody has actually tried this with a 3080.

Also, there are AMD eyefinity cards that will drive 6 displays per card. But are only for displaying, too slow for gaming.
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