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If Hillary loses the nomination...will she morph into the Hildabeast monster?

Oct 30, 2004
If Obama slays the Hildabeast, will her face contort and will she then morph into a huge pink monster that will start eating people?

In the season finale of the first season of Lucy, the Daughter of the Devil presidential primary candidate Senator Whitey Whitehead did just that; he became enraged and morphed into a giant pink monster and started rampaging around San Francisco, eating people.

I think that that would fit Hillary perfectly; if she loses the nomination she'll be so angry that the Hildabeast monster will emerge to spread carnage across the land, rampaging through the streets and gobbling people up!

To see a clip of what I think might happen to Hillary, you have to go to:


and do a video search for "Who's My Whitey" and it should be the first one in the upper left. That would fit Hillary perfectly. The Video Search box is not the one on the very top but the one after the text "Live the Dream!" Enjoy thoughts of Hillary transforming into the Hildabeast!

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