If anyone here plays navy field, or wants to help those that do.


Feb 8, 2004
Hey, if youve not played navy field or dont know what its about you can still help.

E-mail the navy and ask them to purchase the rights to it

They did this with americas army for the army, they should do it with navy field for the navy. Its a really addictive game that dosent have astronomical system requirements and its pretty easy to pick up. Unfortunately for us navy field players its going retail as of the 3rd of february and its montly payments, not the one off we were hoping for. Some will pay, but it wont be for long as the game will be pretty barren with most people gone. So just write a short paragraph and suggest they purchase the rights to it.

Personlly americas army is a damn good game they did a great job with that, i hope they will do the same with navy field. Long shot but worth a try.