Discussion Idea for Nvidia - make GSync 3 be external GPU dock built into monitor.

Mar 11, 2004
I just had an idea, that seems right up Nvidia's alley. Their next GSync should be focused on external GPU that's built into the display/monitor. This would make external GPU easier, and it would let the GPU handle the processing for the display. Think of it as being like the Shield but on steroids. Nvidia is likely to integrate ARM cores into GPU so it could even fully take on that role. It could even help them justify their pricing premium.

From a consumer standpoint, I'd like it to be basically a slot so you can swap to a new card without tossing the display. Nvidia's graphics cards with the large HSF/shrouds are already being made close enough that they could do this with littler further effort.

They could even come up with accessories. Dock that can handle I/O, maybe with something to help cooling for laptop. The dock can be premium doing external GPU data via fiberoptic to maximize throughput and reduce latency, with it enabling external networking, power/etc via TB/USB ports. Of course gaming accessories (keyboards/mice/controllers/etc).