IDE and SCSI RAID Benchmarks. What do you think?


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Feb 1, 2001
EDIT: whoops, thanks, didn't know about links

system specs are a little confusing, ide deskstars @15000rpms?
anyway, i'm guessing those are just 7200rpm ide drives:

It's a little bit hard to tell which setup gets better performance w/ raid because you are comparing ide/scsi drives that have different specs to begin with. The X15's are much faster drives so their benchmark scores should reflect that whether or not they are in a raid configuration. Maybe we should try seeing how much better each raid configuration performs compared to single drives and then compare the percentage increase/decreases of the two interfaces.

I think the biggest advantages of scsi raid which is unaccounted for are 1) number of devices you can use in a raid set 2) cpu% utilization. Is it possible for you to test the latter?


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Apr 16, 2000
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