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Question i9-10850k Turbo Boost Specifics?


Senior member
Jan 10, 2011
Does anyone here know what the turbo boost clocks are per core from 2 to 9 cores active on the i9-10850k?

2 cores active = ? GHz
3 cores active = ?
4 cores active = ?
5 cores active = ?
6 cores active = ?
7 cores active = ?
8 cores active = ?
9 cores active = ?


Diamond Member
Dec 22, 2012
There are no specific numbers because there are way too many variables that will factor in.
The CPU will run as fast as it can on all cores, the as fast as it can depends on cooling and power limits from the mobo.

If you have a good mobo and good cooling and you remove any limits from the bios it will run at max clocks on all cores all the time.
In the same vein if you want it to stick to a certain power limit it will automatically boost to the best clocks that this limit will allow.

Since ambient temps, cooling and even power limits will be different on every board it doesn't make much sense for intel to release a set of numbers that will only apply to the ambient temp, cooling and power limits that they chose.

Basically tldr it's whatever you decide that you want.