i7 860 New Build VERY SLOW BOOT and POST! Please HELP


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Nov 28, 2009
I recently built a new system using the components listed in my signature below. Average system boot time is almost 5 mins with 4 of those mins being after post, during OS load .

Also I sometimes turn my PC off at night and boot times the next day are about twice as long at 10 mins. During cold boots POST also takes several minutes.

I have tried reinstaling OS twice. Ive tried boooting with diagnostic startup. Ive tried registry fixing software. Nothing helps. Could this be a BIOS problem?

Other than super slow boot time the system performs very well. This is my first Core i7 build and benchmarks seem to be where they should. It is very frustrating when trying to overlcock and having to wait 5 mins every time I have to reboot.

Please Help!


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Oct 9, 1999
Have you put in the latest BIOS?
Is your hard drive the first boot option in the BIOS? Removed any option for Floppy in the boot options?
Have you checked for updated drivers, especially the RAID controller?
I have a feeling it's something related to your HDDs.
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Jan 15, 2004
Have you enabled TLER on your drives?
Have you run any HDTune or HDTach benchmarks on your array?
Do you have the Intel Storage Matrix Driver installed/configured w/ Write-Back cache enabled?