Question i3 8100,9100f vs Ryzen 3400G


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Jan 27, 2020
Reason - To invest in a pc with inbuilt wifi and bluetooth for minimalistic look and Compatibility with Bluetooth speakers, Wifi Networks, Fast Data Transfer and Wireless connectivity
Should i go for Ryzen 3400g - 10500rs as it runs out of the box similar to intel 8100 - 9500rs

I know that Getting Ryzen 3600 and intel I5 9400F would be good choice but i don't want to invest in a graphic card

Usage - Used for Basic Video Editing, Not for gaming
Budget - 40000Rs
Country - India

After all the research i found that
Intel in order to support 3000Mhz Ram and Overclocking needs atleast z390 Mother Board
Amd in order to support the same needs a B450 Mother Board

Common Parts for both builds
SMPS - Gigabyte 700watt 80+ Bronze Smps - Best budget semi modular SMPS - 4050RS
RAM - Corsair Vengence 8GB DDR4 3000MHZ/3200MHZ - 3000-3200RS
Cabinet - Gigabyte AC300R2 the only Cabinet with HDMI and TYPE C front ports
Storage - M2 SSD WD or if budget is more Corsair Force - 240GB - 2000 to 6000RS

Now the main confusion is in mother boards
i was locked on Gigabyte B360 PRO WIFI but it neither supports overclocking and might need a bios update - If i use 9th gen intel processor
Sadly intel has not yet released its i3 9100 processor in india, the i5 9400 processor costs equal to i5 8400

*i am not interested in discrete graphics

as far as Ryzen is concerned since i was fixed on
Gigabyte B450 Aorus Pro Wifi as it supports over clocking and ram

The problem is
though they are the best compatible boards with the new processors they cost a whooping 20000rs each more than the processor and are suitable for builds involving i7, i9 and R5, R7 and R9

Can anyone suggest a motherboard ATX OR MINI ATX OR ITX for intel and Ryzen which
1] Supports M.2 Drives
2] Allows over clocking
3] Comes with Built in wifi and bluetooth
4] Supports latest Gen Processors

The Build is not for gaming
I will not be needing a Monitor as i will be using it with my LG 22" LCD TV
I Have Logitech Wireless Keyboard
No i am not interested in RGB


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Jan 27, 2020
ASRock Phantom Gaming 4 Wifi ATX X570?

Thank you
Also is it necessary to invest in a Motherboard which costs more than your Processor?
is investing in 9th gen processor better than 8th gen processor as 9100 and 9400 with integrated graphics are not yet available in my country

whats your opinion on this board paired with intel 8400 or 8100 doesn't have wifi but has good features
ASUS ROG Strix B365-G Gaming mATX Gaming Motherboard

is 3400G future proof - i mean its not a 3rd gen processor and is ZEN+, i heard that amd has plans to release 3rd gen navi/vega processors with zen 2 technology

with intel releasing its 10th gen processors

whats the best future proof processor AMD vs INTEL

Also why can't mother board manufacturers make decent mother boards with intel processors

Lenovo 510s comes with I3 9100, 1TB HDD, 4GB RAM, MB WITH WIFI CARD and costs around 22000rs [thats the cost of X570 gaming mother board]


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Jan 27, 2020
That board is actually one of the cheapest X570 available with Wifi ini the USA. I wasn't trying to specify an expensive one.
i meant in general, back when i bought my first core2duo processor the mb was cheaper than the processor
Now its the other way
i was wondering if its really a good choice and why do intel boards with less features cost more than Amd boards with more features

i agree that we can still get a mb for half the price, but there is no upgrade in it except for usb 3.0 and may be usb 3.1