I would like some advice and opinions on about that famous question here.........


Jan 12, 2001
I know you guys are probably burnt out on this question but I can't decide on which video card to get now.......

Inno3d gts 2 pro 64ddr.......$200
Ati Radeon...................$175
or wait for New Hercules 4500 card?

I generally play games (fps), (driving), (flight sims), (sports), etc. and surf the net.

My new system I built is
TBird 850@..960
Abit kt7a....@137fsb
128mb pc133 ram
19" monitor
and voodoo 3 to be replaced hopefully.

I generally stay bout' a year behing the new hardware because the prices fall so much within the first year somthing is realeased and the software is always lagging behind the hardware. Now is the right time on these cards...but which one?
The Gts is powerful and fast, no glitches.
The Ati is powerful, but not as fast as gts but looks better, so i've read.
Now comes this new kyro board, and all are priced bout' the same??

Absolute speed is not #1 priority. I would take something slower if it looked significantly better. I play my games at 1024x768x16 right now so 640x480 & 800x600 benchmarks mean nothing to me.

Thanks 4 the help.....


Platinum Member
Dec 3, 2000
well GTS is supposed to be iffy on the res of a 19" monitor. ATi I wouldn't like to spend much money on, gives the run-around too much. i'd like to hold out for that kyro. the fsaa without big speed hit would look cute on your sims.